Thanks for taking the time to download Xoxoxa.
For an example of this font, see the red text above.


  1. Make sure you have WinZip or other '.zip' extracting program.
  2. Start the 56k, 45 second download: Xoxoxa (12 KB)
  3. Many people have special folders on their computers specifically for Internet downloads. Save the file there or wherever else you want.
  4. Run WinZip if it has not already done so by itself and open the Zip file labeled "xo".
  5. Extract your new file to the Fonts folder of your computer
  6. To do this, in the WinZip program, click Actions, then Select All.
  7. Next click the Extract button to choose the Font's destination:
    For Windows users-
    The destination is your computer's main drive (usually 'C:'),
    Windows folder,
    Fonts folder,
  8. Click the (different) Extract button and voilaá!
  9. Reload this page to see if the download was successful

You are now free to use the new fonts as you will.
Enjoy them