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  • A not for profit group
  • Join anytime – year round classes
  • A traditional, yet progressive school
  • Reality based training
  • Real-time fighting techniques
  • Good atmosphere for learning Karate, a martial art
  • Hardwood floors, striking pads and bags, and more
  • Principles taught apply to life outside of the dojo
  • Video tapes of ranking exams for all members-- collectors items
  • Written certificates of rank achievement for junior members
  • Many organizational benefits as a member of the S.K.A.
  • A wide assortment of literature concerning Shotokan Karate is given to our members... The beginning of a martial arts library
  • High emphasis on character development
  • Acquire “success attributes” for children and adults alike
  • Black Belt instructors at every class
  • No contracts, low monthly dues, one time only “startup” cost, family rates, and no extra charge for testing and nationally recognized ranks

One - ichi (ee-chee)
Two - ni (nee)
Three - san (sahn)
Four - shi (shee)
Five - go (goh)
Six - roku (roh-koo)
Seven - shichi (shee-chee)
Eight - hachi (hah-chee)
Nine - ku (koo)
Ten - ju (joo)

Front stance - zenkutsu-dachi
Back stance - kokutsu-dachi
Horse riding stance - kiba-dachi
Immovable stance - fudo-dachi
Cat stance - nekoashi-dachi
Natural stance - shizentai

Hand Techniques:
Hand Techniques - te waza (teh-wah-zah)
Lunge punch - oi-zuki (oh-ee-zoo-kee)
Reverse punch - gyaku-zuki
Jab - maete (mah-eh-teh)

Striking Techniques:
Striking Techniques - uchi waza
Back-fist strike - uraken-uchi
Spear-hand - nukite (noo-kee-teh)

Kicks - keri (keh-ree)
Front kick - mae-geri (mah-eh-geh-ree)
Round kick - mawashi-geri
Side-thrust kick - yokogeri-kekomi
Side-up kick - yokogeri-keage
Crescent kick - mikazuki-geri
Stamping kick - fumikomi

Training hall - dojo (doh-joh)
Training uniform - gi (gee)
Training uniform belt - obi (oh-bee)
Vocal expulsion of air - kiai (kee-ah-ee)
Black Belt rank - dan (dahn)
White/Brown belt rank - kyu (kyoo)
Meditation - mokuso (moh-koo-soh)
Bow - rei (reh-ee)
Assume stance - kamaete (kah-mah-eh-teh)
Get ready - yoi (yoh-ee)
Begin - hajime (hah-jee-meh)
Pivot/assume opposite direction - kaette
Stop - yame (yah-meh)
At ease - yasume (yah-soo-meh)
Basic training - kihon (kee-hohn)
Formal exercise/forms - kata (kah-tah)
Sparring - kumite (koo-mee-teh)
Escape techniques - torite (toh-ree-teh)
Throwing techniques - nagewaza
Pulling hand - hikite (hee-kee-teh)
Breathing center in lower abdomen - tanden
Getting into the opponent - irimi (ee-ree-mee)
Punching board - makiwara (mah-kee-wah-rah)

Blocks - uke (oo-keh)
Downward block - gedan-barai
Rising block - age-uke (ah-geh-oo-keh)
Forearm block - ude-uke (oo-deh-oo-keh)
Hammer block - tetsui-uke (teh-tsoo-ee-oo-keh)
Knife-hand block - shuto-uke (shoo-toh-oo-keh)

Sparring - kumite (koo-mee-teh)
Basic one-time sparring - kihon ippon gumite
(kee-hohn eep-pohn goo-mee-teh)
Free one-time sparring - jiyu-ippon gumite
(jee-yoo-eep-pohn goo-mee-teh)
Three-time sparring - sanbon gumite
(sahn-bohn goo-mee-teh)
Free-style - jiyu kumite (jee-yoo koo-mee-teh)
Upper body - jodan (joh-dahn)
Middle body - chudan (choo-dahn)
Distance between opponents - ma (mah)
Bow - rei (reh-ee)
Begin - hajime (hah-jee-meh)
Stop - yame (yah-meh)