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Currently we offer four regular classes and one beginner’s class per week. We accept students who are at least 10 years old, and have a special rate for our young people and college students. Please check our schedule for more details.

Since Valley Shotokan is a non-profit organization our dues are very reasonable. Beginning students from 10 through 20 years old are required to pay a one-time initiation fee of $225, and adults $300. This includes dojo fees for three months of practice as well as your first year’s membership in the S.K.A.

After that, the SKA will bill you $100 per year directly and dojo dues are $75 per month ($50/month for students). We also have family rates. Please check our rate sheet for more details.

For the first month, beginners will be allowed to practice in a T-shirt and sweatpants but will be required to purchase a gi (karate uniform) at the end of the first month. The cost is $25 to $40, depending on which gi you choose. For uniformity, we ask that you purchase your gi through us.

Before joining Valley Shotokan, we request that all adults watch at least one of our Wednesday night classes, which our senior instructor teaches. The class begins around 7:45 PM, and the best time to arrive is 7:30 PM to meet the people and fill out our information sheet.

All joining or new members must sign two waivers of liability, one for us and the other for our parent organization. If you are interested in membership with Valley Shotokan, ask any one of our black belts for membership forms.

For adult membership, junior class membership, private classes, group seminars, general information, or any other questions, please call the dojo: (818) 508-7280